Our full line of professional duty nets are built with the absolute best materials in the industry.

The frame is made of STEEL and has a LIFETIME WARRANTY against breakage.

The T-Handles are a POLYCARBONATE plastic, ten times stronger than regular PVC.

All of our netting is TRIPLE-STITCHED for maximum durability. We also have the only net with a PIVOTING LIP EDGE to enhance scooping & prolong the life of the lip edge.


Equipped with a 23” Steel Frame, Polycarbonate T-Handle and a 24” Tapered Net. Our biggest net yet!


TK Heavy Duty adjustable Hose Strap, comes with 2” Buckle for a sure lock every time. Use it for your vacuum hose, PVC Pop or just about anything.

TK Retro

Our new replacement bag for the Aqua-Vac or Hammer head Powered Cleaning Units. Our 36” Deep Fine Mesh Bag comes with a Velcro top seal for easy dumping, and a bottom O-Ring for easy and secure handling. NO MORE bags blowing off in your pools!


Equipped with a 13” Steel Frame, Polycarbonate T-Handle and a Tapered Fine Mesh Net with full body protective panel. Great for Spas, Water Features & Hard to go places.